The Bull and Bear Market Report

The Bull and Bear Market Report is a monthly investment newsletter. In the newsletter, trends in the economy and several asset classes are analyzed. The assets include currencies, equities, real estate, commodities, interest and bond markets which are analyzed from a from a top-down perspective. The approach is an in-depth analysis of the complex connections between history, sectors, asset classes, countries, culture, technology and geopolitical events. Furthermore, quantitative, fundamental and technical analysis is extensively used to find the most attractive investment opportunities within different timeframes.

The report also discusses the business cycle, the market sentiment, the momentum, size, value, quality, volatility, the mood of the market and different investment strategies, structuring of trades and approaches to make money in any bull or bear market. The author strongly believes that there always is an asset class in a bull or bear market to exploit if you use the right risk management. The report will provide investors with an analysis of how best to participate and thrive in any market environment.

At the present time the report is only sent out as PDF files via E-mail to a selected few subscribers.